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EnlightenNext's Australian 24 hour Meditation Marathon


Please support us by joining and/or making a donation to FreeFall Forever Down Under


 A 24-hour world-wide event to raise money and awareness for the evolution of consciousness and culture. Join us for the inaugural Australian EnlightenNext Meditation Marathon. During this sponsored 24 hour event we push our own limits in relationship to the timeless practice of meditation. Please join us or if you choose, help by raising or donating money for the work of EnlightenNext.


Donate here to support FREEFALL FOREVER DOWN UNDER meditators


Find out where your can participate with a meditation marathon group - for periods of 4 up to 24 hours


About the charity
EnlightenNext is a charity, dedicated to furthering the evolution of human consciousness. Through a variety of cultural programmes and publications, and a network of centers and members, EnlightenNext seeks to inspire all of us to engage more deeply in life and help create a better future.


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Melisah Feeney & Julie McNall


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Spiritual Practice is Spirit Lived


Are you a seeker or a finder? This is a very important question....


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