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Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the Ganges is the sacred Indian town of Rishikesh. It was here in 1986 that Andrew Cohen first began to share with others the realization that was awakening in him. Since 1996 Andrew has returned to Rishikesh over many years to lead retreats. The EnlightenNext Rishikesh Centre was opened in 1998.

The Centre is at Green Valley Cottage, near the Swiss Bandhari Cottages in Tapovan. There is a weekly schedule of events and visitors are welcome to come any time to find out about Evolutionary Enlightenment, meditate, or read from our library. All the events on our weekly schedule are free of charge.


EnlightenNext in India

Evolutionary Enlightenment is a very new teaching in a country that is still deeply rooted in one of the most ancient and profound spiritual traditions that humanity has ever produced. But India is changing fast and the younger generation particularly are looking for a contemporary spirituality that relates to their lives in the modern world.

As a result our activities are increasingly extending beyond our Centre in Rishikesh. As well as the events that Andrew Cohen and members of EnlightenNext have held in the metro cities, we are also developing relationships in many spheres of the culture and in the media, so that evolutionary philosophy and spirituality can begin to take hold in the hearts and minds of the people of India.



What A Place To Wake Up! Reflections on India by Andrew Cohen


My first visit to Mother India was in early January 1984. By that time, I had already been a very serious spiritual seeker for over six years. Living in my native New York City, I had had easy access to many of the most famous, powerful, and influential spiritual masters of that time. And because of that, it had become apparent to me that in so many ways the East was literally coming to the West, and that if one was earnestly seeking for enlightenment, it was no longer necessary to travel all the way to Asia to find it. But in spite of that, there was a deep compulsion in me to go to India myself, even if only for a short time...
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