The New Enlightenment provides both a revolutionary perspective on human evolution and practical guidelines for spiritual development.

Disc 1—The Context
When you give yourself fully to the transformation of consciousness itself, your individual awakening is recognized as the essential key to collective evolution.

Disc 2—The Awakening
Awaken to the authentic self within you that is already whole, free, and passionately committed to the transformation of the world.

Disc 3—The Battle
Once the ego is seen for what it is and the authentic self is awakened, liberation becomes a matter of choice rather than grace.

Disc 4—The Practice
Discover why meditation is the doorway to enlightened awareness.

Disc 5—The Purpose
The purpose of enlightenment is no longer to “escape” from the world, but to wholeheartedly participate in its transformation.

Disc 6—The Path
Presenting The Five Fundamental Tenets of Enlightenment—The “how-to's” of an enlightened relationship to life.

Disc 7—The Goal
Your participation in this “revolution in consciousness” can literally create heaven on earth.