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Robert Lawrence Kuhn (born 1944, New York) is an international investment banker, corporate strategist, scholar and scientist. He has an A.B. in human biology (Johns Hopkins), a Ph.D. in anatomy / brain research (UCLA Brain Research Institute), and an M.S. in management (MIT Sloan Fellow). He is Senior Fellow at the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas at Austin; a trustee of Claremont Graduate University; chairman of Pacvia Communications (Beijing); vice chairman of China Technology Innovation Corp. (Beijing); and has advised the governments of China, the United States, Germany and Israel on economics and technology.

He is the author or editor of over twenty five books, and is the creator and host of the PBS television series Closer To Truth: Science, Meaning and the Future. Dr. Kuhn is the author of The Man Who Changed China: The Life and Legacy of Jiang Zemin, the best-selling book of 2005 in China, and editor in chief of China's Banking & Financial Markets: The Internal Research Report of the Chinese Government.

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The Man Who Changed China: The Life and Legacy of Jiang Zemin
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