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Mary Rothschild, the daughter of an Auschwitz survivor, has devoted her life to studying the psychological and social effects of war on survivors and on the generations that follow. She has interviewed hundreds of Holocaust survivors, published numerous articles on the psychological and biochemical effects of trauma, explored various avenues for healing, and has spoken widely about these issues. Ms. Rothschild is a trained facilitator for One by One, a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the wounds of genocide and war through engaged dialogue between victims/survivors, perpetrators, bystanders, resisters, and their descendants. She has a Master's degree in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

As a human rights activist, Rothschild has spoken at social healing conferences in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Indonesia. She hopes that her communications will educate others about the consequences of racial intolerance, and that history, examined, will not repeat itself.

selected articles

The Curse of Intolerance
First published in The Jewish Frontier; available now on ZC Portal

Bosnia: Requiem for the Vanishing Human
Psychological Perspectives, 2002

A Covenant of Peace on the Island of Aphrodite


The Possibility of Compassion
The Jewish Frontier

Transformation--A Heroic Journey
Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 1999

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One by One
Exploring the legacy of the Holocaust and the Nazi Regime: dialogue among descendants of survivors, perpetrators, bystanders and resisters

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