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Dr. Martina Emme is a founding member of One by One, an organization committed to transforming the legacies of conflict, war, and genocide through facilitated dialogue, public presentations, art exhibits, and educational forums. Since 1996, Dr. Emme has facilitated dialogue groups with descendants of the Third Reich and descendants of the Holocaust. She is a lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Berlin, and has also taught at the University of Potsdam, Academy for Health and Social Affairs, and the Technical University, both in Berlin.

Emme's interest in cultural change is reflected by her extensive contribution to public institutions in Germany and the EU. Working with universities, police departments, and city and national governments, she has increased public awareness about majority-minority relations, intercultural relations, and gender and racial discrimination, and has contributed curricula to public institutions to promote ongoing education to public servants about these issues. She is currently working for the EU developing a program called "Anti-Discrimination Measures Within Public Institutions," in cooperation with the Centre Europeen Juif d'Information (CEJI), Brussels and the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities (NICEM), Belfast, and the City of Berlin Training Programme for Senior Management Staff.

Emme received her doctorate from the Technical University in Berlin, completing a doctoral thesis entitled, "The Attempt to Understand the Enemy: A Pedagogical Approach to the Moral and Political Aspects of Empathy and Dialogue." She is a certified TCI practitioner (Theme-Centered Interaction), which is a method of running groups based on the concept of “Living Learning,” or learning as an active and creative activity that includes discovery and working. It provides a structure in the group process to achieve a dynamic balance between the needs of the individual and those of the group, the given tasks, and the environment.

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