Jeff Carreira
Biography & Resources


As Director of Education at EnlightenNext, Jeff Carreira oversees the education and membership programs which support a growing global network of individuals committed to guiding humanity through an evolutionary leap in consciousness. Over the past 16 years he has become one of the leading representatives of EnlightenNext founder Andrew Cohen and his teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment. Carreira gives talks and seminars around the world and also trains and supervises other teachers and seminar leaders. In February 2007, he initiated a weekly conference call and webcast series, which has attracted an international audience of over 10,000 people— "evolutionaries." Carreira has also served as Andrew Cohen's personal assistant and works closely with him in developing programs for EnlightenNext.  Prior to his involvement with EnlightenNext, Carreira spent five years working as a research engineer before obtaining a Master's degree in Education and spent the following twelve years in teaching and educational management.