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DR. JEFF EISEN is psychological intuitive and enlightenment therapist as well as a philosopher, writer and educator. He has a PhD in Psychology and is certified in both Psychoanalysis and Clinical Hypnotherapy. He has been a Professor of Psychology at several universities and a publisher at CRM Books (Psychology Today). Eisen's books include, Playing 20 Questions With God: A Cosmic, Self-Repair Manual, and Oneness Perceived, A Window Into Enlightenment, among others. Dr. Eisen's original system of clearing or unlearning is called PsychoNoetics. He practices and teaches in the larger context of Omnius, www.omnians.com an integral transformational path. You can schedule phone sessions and sign up for workshops through the Omnius web site.

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Oneness Perceived: A Window Into Enlightenment


Playing 20 Questions With God: A Cosmic, Self-Repair Manual

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