Thank you for your interest in joining the EnlightenNext Affiliate Program.

EnlightenNext is the publisher of What Is Enlightenment? magazine and WIE Unbound. It is also a global network of people and programs dedicated to forging a revolution in human consciousness and culture.

By joining this program you will create a new revenue stream for yourself or your organization while partnering with EnlightenNext in furthering the evolution of human consciousness. Anybody with a website, a blog, or an email list, can join this program, no matter how large or small.

Joining our Affiliate Program is simple, easy, takes only a few minutes, and is completely free.

By joining this program, you will earn a 15% commission on EnlightenNext products purchased by visitors who are referred to our site by you. In addition, you will continue to earn commission on all purchases made by your referrals for a six-month period.

Below are some examples of products and the commissions you will earn:
Product Item priceCommission you earn
WIE subscription $19.95 $3.00
Leap into the Future DVD $39.95 $6.00
Unbound subscription $10.00 $1.50
The New Enlightenment 7-CD set $79.95 $12.00
Set of WIE back issues $192.00 $28.80

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» What will I be doing as an affiliate?
» Will I receive support from EnlightenNext?
» How does the affiliate program work?
» How do I join?

What will I be doing as an affiliate?

You will recommend that visitors to your website or blog come to one of What Is Enlightenment?'s feature pages at (see examples at and or to one of EnlightenNext's product or event pages (see example at

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Will I receive support from EnlightenNext?

Our affiliate marketing team will provide you with promotional material and will help you with questions or requests. If you have any questions, please contact our affiliate program manager,

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How does the affiliate program work?

1. You Sign Up

Click on the links below to accept our Affiliate Agreement and to fill out the brief online application form. Joining our Affiliate Program is completely free and takes only a few minutes. By filling out the form you will enjoy the services of ShareASale, our affiliate software provider, which will provide you with the link you need to direct visitors from your site to ours.

2. You Enhance Your Site, Blog, or Newsletter

Once you are signed up and approved, you will receive a username and password to your affiliate account, instructions for account access, and guidelines on how to link to us. Our resource page will provide you with a variety of banners which you can add to your site, blog, or newsletter in order to direct visitors to our website.

3. You Earn Commission

Once a visitor to your site clicks on the link provided and goes to any of the pages on our website, you automatically start earning commissions on their purchases from EnlightenNext for a six-month period. We will keep track of your referrals' purchases from EnlightenNext during that period and inform you by email of the commissions you earn.

4. We Pay You

We take care of all communication, delivery of product, collections, and customer service, and pay you for qualifying purchases made through your links.

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How do I join?

Click to sign up and go through the application process. Your application will be automatically approved and you will receive a confirmation email with your 6-digit Affiliate ID.

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