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A Revolution in Consciousness and Culture EnlightenNext is defining the contours of a new human consciousness and culture. Founded by spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and fueled by his visionary leadership, we are an international organization in search of a new and positive direction for life in the twenty-first century.

Andrew Cohen is dedicated to igniting a revolution in human consciousness. As a 21st-century spiritual teacher and cultural visionary, he is exploring the outer reaches of human potential with the leading thinkers, mystics, scholars, and activists of our time. In 1988, Cohen founded EnlightenNext to help catalyze the next great step in our individual and collective development.
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Courses and seminars presenting Andrew Cohen’s teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment, an original nonsectarian spiritual path that unites the transcendent freedom of enlightenment with the innate human desire to change and evolve.

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A global network of individuals who are creating a revolution in consciousness and culture. Through ongoing support, active engagement, and personal and collective transformation, our members are helping to push forward the edge of human development at this pivotal time in history.