EnlightenNext is not just an organization . . . it’s a state of consciousness.

It’s what happens when the freedom, joy, and liberating clarity of spiritual enlightenment comes together with a passionate sense of responsibility for evolution, for what’s next.

That is the current of inspiration, purpose, optimism, and awakened interest that fuels everything we do. It’s the thrill of perpetual development and dynamic creativity, of being connected to the very energy behind the evolving universe. Through our award-winning magazine, our annual cycle of events, and our expanding global network of Evolutionaries, EnlightenNext is dedicated to offering forums in which people can experience and engage with this state of consciousness together. We’re convinced that spiritual enlightenment is not a personal matter, but an evolutionary potential that really does have the power to change our world from the inside out and create a new foundation for our collective culture.


Founded in 1988 by spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, EnlightenNext is a nonprofit organization that has grown and developed into a global movement dedicated to bringing spiritual enlightenment out of the meditation room and into the complex and deeply significant conversations that are driving cultural evolution at the leading edge. At the heart of the organization is a committed group of men and women who have spent over two decades immersed in spiritual practice and engaging in dialogue with leading thinkers in spirituality, science, business, politics, and the arts. We offer an annual cycle of core programs, called the EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle, including a one-month annual retreat and an international conference, as well as  events with Andrew Cohen, courses, seminars, and virtual discussions. The network of activists, spiritual practitioners, idealists, and cultural visionaries that is connecting around this hub reaches across the globe and into ever-diversifying fields, united by a passion for enlightening the next steps in our collective evolution.

Read an open letter from founder Andrew Cohen.

Andrew Cohen is a spiritual teacher, cultural critic, revolutionary idealist, and the founder of EnlightenNext. Find out more about Andrew and the philosophy and practice of his teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment.
EnlightenNext magazine (formerly What Is Enlightenment?), the award-winning spiritual, cultural, and philosophical magazine committed to bringing a new perspective to spirituality, politics, business, science, the arts, and the environment. Weekly online audio and video broadcast programming; books, DVDs, and CDs exploring the emerging edge of evolutionary spirituality.
Transformational tools for individual and collective evolution, including courses, virtual seminars, and global teleconference discussions that explore the liberating perspective of Evolutionary Enlightenment and the spiritual and cultural inquiry inspired by EnlightenNext magazine.

Join Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber for their first live virtual seminar
Living Evolutionary Spirituality and an Integral Life
Saturday, May 9 - Noon to 5:00pm ET
In this special event, Cohen and Wilber will explore the evolution of enlightenment, spirituality, and culture and discuss how each of us can become a fully awake, purposeful, and integral human being.
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EnlightenNext’s Being and Becoming retreat in Tuscany, Italy 2009

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