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EnlightenNext Boston’s “Co-Creating a Spiritually Inspired Future” Discussion Series

Thursday, February 17, from 7:15pm - 9:45pm

Topic: Developing Spiritual Self-Confidence

It’s important to have self-confidence. It’s even more important to have spiritual self-confidence. Spiritual confidence is that unique and palpable sense of absolute conviction that cannot be affected by external or internal fluctuations. Spiritual confidence is the heaviest anchor in the midst of the unending storm that is life and death.


As part of EnlightenNext’s “Co-Creating a Spiritually Inspired Future” discussion series held every third Thursday at Samadhi Integral in Newton Centre, we will be deepening our understanding of what Spiritual Self-confidence is on February 17 and March 17. The topic for April and May will be “The Evolution of Enlightenment”. Each evening will be composed of a social hang-time, and then a very powerful and profound discussion around an audio, video, or article from spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen based on his Evolutionary Enlightenment teachings. Admission is $15.  This discussion series is a lead-up to Cohen’s half-day seminar to be held in Boston on Saturday, May 21, location TBA.


For more information, please contact Kenzo An at kan@enlightennext.org or call 617.407.2558


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