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EnlightenNext (formerly What Is Enlightenment?) is officially out of print. Yet the enduring questions, insightful interviews, and cultural commentary that have defined the magazine are as relevant now as ever. This limited-time Collector's Set of EnlightenNext tracks two decades of spiritual innovation and cultural change through the leading voices of our time. Order today to secure your copies of all remaining print issues (42 total), or purchase the Digital Collector's Set to own copies of all 47 issues, spanning 1992 to 2011, in a searchable format viewable on Mac or PC.

“The Big Question is: How do we transform ourselves to change the world? In every issue, EnlightenNext tackles this question. That's why I believe that it's among the most important magazines—and certainly the most important spiritual magazine.”

—Ken Wilber, the world's leading integral philosopher

Whether you've only read a few issues of EnlightenNext or have been a subscriber for all 19 years of its publishing history, it's been a part of your life—and, hopefully, an integral part of your inquiry into life's big questions.

You know what it's like to hold one of these issues in your hands—the weight and depth of the content, the beauty of the design, the anticipation of each new issue.

You can now have your own Collector's Set of all the remaining issues of this award-winning publication as part of your library, for reference, conversation, and ongoing contemplation.

You'll want to act quickly, though—there are a very limited number of Collector's Sets available. Five of the 47 issues (#1, #24, #34, #35, #37) have already sold out.

That means 42 issues are left—and quite a few of them are in limited supply. When they are gone, they're gone forever.

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A Legacy of Spiritual Journalism

If you're new to EnlightenNext, you'll quickly discover that it's not simply a magazine. It is an experience of the emerging edge of culture—an essential tool for any agent of change in the twenty-first century.

From its first 20-page, black-and-white issue in 1992—now only available in digital form—through to its final, full-colored issue on "The Cosmic Dimensions of Love" in 2011, EnlightenNext has tracked the emergence of a new evolutionary worldview, one that reconciles science and spirit and lays the ground for a new culture.

In its beautifully designed pages, you'll meet powerful visionaries, global thought leaders, and hard-hitting commentators who are defining the leading edge of human development.

Throughout two decades in print, EnlightenNext has asked the biggest questions—Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we headed?—and it asks them in a uniquely contemporary context. It has consistently pushed into new terrain in order to create a future that expresses humanity's highest potential.

Each issue tackles one of the "big questions," like:

  • Is spirituality itself actually changing? Does our deepening scientific understanding of the evolving universe—and ourselves—force us to redefine the ultimate purpose of human life?

  • Can enlightenment save the world? Do the crises that we're facing—arms proliferation, global warming, population explosion—demand a shift in consciousness? And if so, what would that look like?

  • What is the relationship between sex and spirituality? Does sex play a role on the path to higher human development?

  • Are we in a moral and ethical crisis? In a time of unprecedented global transformation, is there a higher moral context for the human experience?

Indeed, there's a reason why many of today's leading-edge thinkers and social luminaries have considered EnlightenNext essential to their ongoing investigation into how to create a better future. Take a look at what a few of them have to say:

“One of the most important artifacts of the Integral Age.”

—Jeff Salzman, Founder, Boulder Integral Center

“Courageous, inclusive, and penetrating in its exploration of questions vital to our time of global spiritual awakening…”

—Duane Elgin, bestselling author, Voluntary Simplicity

“EnlightenNext magazine is a unique forum for inquiry that goes deeper and reaches further than any other spiritual magazine I know. I strongly recommend it.”

—Rupert Sheldrake, Frank Knox Fellow, Harvard University, author of A New Science of Life and The Presence of the Past

“Hard-hitting, opinionated, smart, and unique—not words one would usually associate with a 'spiritual' magazine. But that's what this magazine pulls off.”

—Elizabeth Lesser, Founder, Omega Institute

“EnlightenNext is a must read for anyone interested in the conscious evolution of the planet.”

—Roshi Bernard Glassman, Founder, the Greystone Foundation and Peacemaker Community, author of Bearing Witness: A Zen Master's Lessons in Making Peace

And our readers wholeheartedly concur. Here are just a few of the comments we've received:

“EnlightenNext covers what I believe to be of the utmost importance to humanity at this time.”

—Alex Kochkin, Point Reyes Station, CA, USA

“Never has a publication so consistently inspired me.”

—Paul Dooris, Williamsport, PA, USA

“Encouraging and knowledgeable, explored in-depth from all perspectives, unbiased and willing to see things from a different light … a seeming necessity of our time.”

—Elaine Howard, St. Davids, PA, USA

Three Ways to Own a Part of EnlightenNext's History

Below, you'll see three options to make sure that EnlightenNext becomes a mainstay of your library forever.

  1. To secure one of the remaining 42-issue Collector's Sets in print, beginning in 1992 and continuing until 2011, select the "Purchase Print Edition" option.

  2. You can also access the entire set of 47 issues at your fingertips in a beautiful new digital format.

    The digital edition is available for your PC, Mac, or laptop and is entirely searchable. Only the digital version contains all 47 issues. To gain online access to the digital library, select "Purchase Digital Edition" below.

  3. Or, if you'd like to secure the print version and still want access to all 47 issues in digital format, you can purchase the print and digital sets separately.

Regardless of which option you choose, you'll be ensuring that you have access to a timeless collection of spiritual and philosophical literature, not only for your own ongoing contemplation but also for future generations to come.

(Save $137 off the original newsstand price!)

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