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Women Surfing the Edge of Change: Life, Love, & Work in our Confusing Time

Elizabeth Debold and Dalma Heyn in Dialogue

Friday, June 24th, 7:30 pm - 9:30 PM

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Building 3, Room 3-133
Cambridge, MA



We women are at an extraordinary crossroads. Never before in history have we had so many options…and so little real guidance about how to make meaningful choices. So many of us desire to contribute and give in deeper and more meaningful ways at work, in our relationships, and to LIFE itself. But how do we do that?


The trajectory of our lives is changing rapidly—and yet we’re still wired to expect the same things that women have had for centuries. We have two options: to surf the edge of change and discover a new way to live or to find ourselves lost in a cultural back alley. What do we need to do to lean into the moment and ride the waves of change? How do we find and create the kinds of relationships that will lift us up as we strike out on tumultuous and ever-changing waters?


Please join EnlightenNext magazine senior editor Elizabeth Debold and best-selling author Dalma Heyn as they discuss this important subject that has been the primary focus of both of their work in women’s development. This powerful dialogue will be  followed by a Q&A  session.




More about these remarkable women….

Elizabeth Debold, EdD

Elizabeth Debold, EdD, is Senior Editor of EnlightenNext magazine, as well as an author, internationally renowned gender researcher, and cultural commentator. Her bestselling book, Mother Daughter Revolution:  From Good Girls to Great Women, was heralded by Gloria Steinem and Carol Gilligan as “the book women have been waiting for.”

Debold received her doctorate in human development and psychology from Harvard University, where she was a founding member of the Harvard Project on Women’s Psychology and Girls’ Development, directed by Dr. Carol Gilligan. She has made multiple appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, and NPR

Debold brings a fresh and dynamic perspective on women’s evolution that is founded on her profound understanding of consciousness and cultural development as a student of Andrew Cohen’s since 1996.

Dalma Heyn, MSW

Dalma Heyn, MSW, is the bestselling author of two books on marriage (The Erotic Silence of the American Wife and Marriage Shock:  The Transformation of Women into Wives) and one on dating (Drama Kings:  The Men Who Drive Strong Women Crazy). She is the former Editor-in-Chief of Health Magazine and Executive Editor of McCall’s, and has written widely on the subject of love, including two monthly columns: “The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Sex” in Mademoiselle, and “Smart Sex” in New Woman. She has appeared both as author and social observer in Oprah, The Today Show, Larry King Live, The Charlie Rose Show, and Good Morning America.

In Heyn’s own words: “My central finding is that we want to create a new paradigm of love. The idealized images of courtship and marriage handed down to us can look tempting and safe, but they no longer apply. For a woman to find lasting happiness today, she must understand those powerful images but then look deep inside herself to write her own script, not follow anyone else’s.”



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