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Brisbane city

Welcome to Brisbane's home page. We are pleased to announce that Jeff Carreira, EnlightenNext's Director of Education is visiting Australia in May 2011 and will be holding public events in Brisbane.


Please watch this site for ongoing updates about the coming events or contact Melisah 0414 910 613 or Julie 0403 904 823



Annual National Evolutionary Enlightenment intensive with Jeff Carreira 

12, 13 & 15 May 2020


  • Thursday 12 May
  • 7.00-8.30pm

A night of contemplation and discussion on

The Spritual Transfomation We Need.


Today many of us agree that something big needs to change in order for humanity to meet the challenges that we face. At the same time there often doesn't appear to be much agreement as to what that change should look like.


Join David Burke, Rev. Jenny Thompson and Jeff Carreira as they share their visions of the future and describe the transformation that they believe is needed to bring that vision to life.


 Full details.pdf (159kb)



  • Friday 13 May
  • 6.30 for 7.00pm start

An exploration with Jeff Carreira

In Times of Crisis, Philosophy is not a Luxury


 *Crisis occurs when circumstances change faster than we can. In such times we are tempted to see philosophy as a luxury item that we can no longer afford. In truth, our ability to respond effectively to life is completely dependent on our fundamental convictions about what is ultimately real and true.







Full details.pdf (230kb)



  • Sunday 15 May
  • 10.00am-4.00pm

A public day in Brisbane with Jeff Carreira at an

Evolutionary Enlightenment Essentials Workshop


 The workshop will cover

    * The Essentials of the Evolutionary Enlightenment approach that encompasses both the Being (meditation practice) and Becoming (authentic engagement in the world)
     * How Letting Everything go is the source of Spiritual confidence
     * The position of freedom is ultimately more important than the experience of freedom

    * The importance of building a new culture that values spirit as higher  


Full details.pdf (193kb)

Spiritual Practice is Spirit Lived


Are you a seeker or a finder? This is a very important question....


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